Mimoran Purchase Order Plus
Create POs, suppliers. Stock transfers

App allows you to create purchase orders, manage suppliers and track incoming inventory.

You can easily create PO for each order in your store. Send created POs directly to suppliers via email.

After you receive your purchase order, you can transfer product inventory directly to Shopify.

Why use Mimoran Purchase Order Plus?

App is very easy to use! Simple and fast!

Automate orders management
When a customer places their orders, you can assign the supplier to each product and send them a PO with just one click.
Purchase Orders
Easy to create manual purchase orders for suppliers and restock inventory.
Easy Setup
Just install Mimoran Purchase Orders Plus and create your first professional PO and send CSV immediately to suppler.
Control your inventory / restock items
When you receive inventory from your supplier, the app updates the number of items that you have available in your store – no manual work.
Save hours and money
Saves you hours each week by automating Purchase Orders creation for your fulfillment vendors. No more Excel needed.
Premium support
With this mindset, I'm quick to respond and eager to solve any problem.
Multi-currency support
If your store's currency is different from the supplier, then the cost per item for each product will be converted to supplier currency.
Reliable email delivery
Be confident that the email was delivered successfully

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